Scanning 20 Years Ago

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“Scanner? I have one of those, Mom. Let me take your pictures and I’ll scan them for the family.”

Spoken by the Family Techie

I was that kid years ago and I remember saying these words to my mother years ago. I had a Canon flatbed scanner and little did I know the challenges I was about to face. Here are a few:

  • Dust under my flatbed glass
  • Pictures that were skewed on the glass
  • Faded, yellowish paper
  • Cracks and scratches in the picture
  • Red eye
  • Writing on the back
  • Different size photos
  • Poor exposure in the photo
  • Pictures without dates or names

It took me a long time to scan, crop, retouch, tag with meta information and save into a folder for sharing. In fact, it took me so long that the burden derailed most of my efforts. Such was the case 10 year ago when one would try to scan pictures in large volumes. But today, technology has greatly improved the simplicity and ease to do this work.