Our pricing strategy is simple on a per picture basis with a volume discount. And if you want to do this work yourself, we highly recommend the Epson FastFoto FF-640. There certainly is a cost-benefit tradeoff if you have thousands of pictures.

But then again, we’ll get this done in less than 48 hours and we’ll organize the photos into folders and we’ll review the results to make sure the software corrections improved the pictures.

And if you want some additional services like slide show creation, we’ll put your music and slides into a video you’ll be proud to show at that next family gathering.

Pricing Details

  • $25 minimum
  • 25¢ per picture (1-499)
  • 20¢ per picture (500+) 
  • $10 extra/4GB usb drive
  • $1 per picture in a slide show (with animations and titles)

Alternative Photo Scanning Services

Because we want to be competitive, we researched the big photo scanning services and here are their prices and links so you can see for yourself how we stack up.