Perhaps most unique to our service is that we are local. Your photos never enter the mail system but we arrange to receive or pick up your photos and we do the same when done. Your photos are in our care until the work is finished.


  1. We talk by phone to answer any questions.
  2. We give you a firm price before any work is done. The formula is straight forward, priced per photo plus a few optional services.
  3. We give you a defined time frame when the work will be done and most jobs will be done within 48 hours.
  4. We scan your photos in the order you give them to us.
  5. We either upload your digital files to your Google Drive, Dropbox, Facebook, to a hard drive or thumb drive you provide or for $10 we can load your files to a 4GB thumb drive. Optionally we can source different sized thumb drives per your request.
  6. You pay via check or Venmo upon receipt of the digital files and the original photos.

Before You Hire Us

While it is totally optional to do these things, it might improve your experience.

  1. Organize your photos into groups either following a chronological order or by event.
  2. Write names and locations on the back of your photos. For no extra charge, we can scan that too as a digital image you can see and transcribe when you organize your files. You can also insert dividers in between your photos with year or location and we’ll add that to the files and folders.

Our Equipment

We use an Epson FastFoto FF-640. It is a stellar piece of equipment. It feeds pictures through the double-sided scanner head. There is no paper bending like in a printer though there is a very shallow arc to the paper path. The rollers are made for photos and do not leave marks.

If you have non-square images, we can insert your photo into a scanning sleeve.

You can learn more about this awesome scanner from these two videos.

Epson Provided Video
This is a side-by-side comparison by a professional photographer of the Epson’s two models and you’ll see the 640 is better at most scans. That is the model we use.