Tools, Services & Tutorials

Below are some of our favorite tools, services and tutorials to take your finished photos and organize them. We spotlight the free tools but you may want to invest in a few paid tools/services as well like:

Photo Tools

  • Google Photos – Fast, free and platform agnostic
  • Apple Photos – Super fast, free and easy to use with iCloud backup. It has face recognition prompts. Downside – it is not-cross compatible with Microsoft windows
  • Adobe lightroom – This is a pro-sumer tool with loads of capabilities to edit and organize your photos for a fee

Video Tools


  • Smug Mug – The Keller’s photographer uses this service to organize and print photos
  • Photo Bucket – One of many photo storage tools
  • Flickr – Perhaps the first photo sharing site, it is also a great storage option.
  • AdoramaPix – Chris loves this printing service and uses them yearly since 2010. They hand review every print and they have some really nice paper (like a metallic foil finish) and they can do large family pictures as well as mounting so your prints are easily framed.


  • Udemy – Awesome quality for $10.99 to $14.99. They heavily promote 90% off but that is the standard price so be patient and you can snag sweet courses. Chris has some 25+ courses spanning all topics.
  • Lynda – In Salt Lake County, this training site is free through your public county library website. It is stellar as well. They are owned by LinkedIn now so expect future price increases. Their model is subscription based.
  • PluralSight – Founded here in Utah, this is a stellar company with high-quality technical training. They partner with many companies to fine tune their training for job needs. Their model is subscription based.
  • Others – there are loads of options in addition.